Hornet Interceptor

Hornet Interceptor[1]

  • Name=Hornet-class interceptor
  • Manufacturer=Tenloss Syndicate[2]
  • Model=Hornet-class interceptor[2]
  • Class=Starfighter
  • Cost=Cr75,000 (32,000 used)[2]
  • Length=14 meters[3]
  • MGLT=105 MGLT[3]
  • Max speed=1,150 km/h[3]
  • Shield gen=Equipped[2]
  • Hull=Relatively weak[2]
  • Armament=Gyrhil R-9X heavy laser cannons (2)[3]
  • Crew=Pilot (1)[3]
  • Passengers=None[2]
  • Capacity=80 kg[2]
  • Consumables=5 days[2]
  • Availability=Illegal[2]
  • Role=Interceptor
  • Era=New Republic era/New Jedi Order era
  • Affiliation=Tenloss Syndicate

The Hornet-class interceptor was a sleek, insect-like starfighter built on the black market for the Tenloss Syndicate, and designed to emulate the TIE/LN starfighter: fast, lightweight, and easily mass-produced with low-cost standard parts.


Hornets had thin, rounded bodies with wings that could be deployed in atmospheres. The command pod had its own section, and could be ejected in emergencies. They were lightly armored, shielded, and highly maneuverable.

Their laser cannons could be turbocharged, causing twice the normal damage but became prone to overheating as a result. Even when not turbocharged, the lasers were more powerful than standard.


The Hornet was initially used only by Tenloss and those groups it allowed access to the interceptor, although shady deals with other criminals and organizations have made the Hornet available elsewhere.


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