Snubfighter: Slang nickname generally applied to all science fiction starfighters, especially those similar to the design of X-wings or TIE fighters. They usually have one to two crew members, travel in squadrons, and are considered expendable.

Snubfighters are more versatile than their larger cousins, gunships, for assault purposes. Typically, they did not make good personnel transports, and shuttles were used instead for that role. Almost all capital ships were susceptible to Trench Run Disease—or TRD—from starfighters, but some ships, such as Lancer-class frigates excel in destroying starfighters.[1]


A starfighter was a small, maneuverable starship designed for military combat. The majority of starfighters were piloted directly by living beings, although some were either controlled remotely or by artificial intelligence. These light craft were designed to carry out attacks on sensitive installations and targets that required immense precision.

In fleet battle, starfighters worked in concert with capital ships, harassing warships and striking once their weakened shields failed[2][3] or were re-aligned[4][5] due to enemy capital ship-fire. Alone, fighters had little to no chance of penetrating the shields of capital ships,[6] but most starfighters worked in squadrons and carried weapons like proton torpedoes and concussion missiles. These squadrons could take out a large capital ship with precision fire.


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