Scarlet Viper

In creating his mock trailer for his continuation project, Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming, Original Series actor Richard Hatch created an upgraded Viper for the project, known as the Scarlet Viper or the Scarlet-class Viper.


A CGI artist, Steve Parady, met with Hatch, who was pleased by the conceptual drawing that Parady created. The design for the fighter was inspired by the X-29 test fighter's swept forward wings.

The design was seen in the completed mock trailer.

Book appearance Edit

The Scarlet-class Viper, or simply Scarlet Viper, is introduced in Hatch's first novel, "Armageddon". It is said to be a successor to the Azure class, itself a successor of the original Viper seen in the Original Series.

The difference between this and the original Viper include a scanner that creates a "laser-constructed three-dimensional image" of destinations, in addition to improved systems and weapons, and even energy shields. However, these energy shields are incapable of handling a direct blast, at least without damaging the Viper, but can "shrug off" tangential blasts. It also contains a computer that recognizes voice input.

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