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Standard FighterEdit

Chig fighter firing

Standard Chig Fighter Firing [1]

This small fighter craft is the most common Chig ship, in service from the beginning of the war. Two, possibly three versions exist. This fighter is both less manoverable and lighter armed than its UEF counterpart. It is definitely faster than an ISSCV but it is unclear if it is faster than a SA-43. Its sole armament comprises a energy weapon mounted on the centreline of the craft.
Chig fighter head on

Standard Chig Fighter Almost head on[1]

When used for reconnaissance the craft has a crew of two, although this may not be the same version as the common fighter. A slightly improved fighter with a red hull is capable of flying extremely close to the event horizon of a black hole, yet appears to be no faster. These craft have operated only from large capital ships and planets.

These fighters normally operate in groups of three and sometimes in groups of six (presumably 2x3). Satellite intelligence suggests these fighters operate in squadrons of approximately 18 craft, possibly with others serving as spares.[1]

Prototype fighterEdit

Chig cvr under fire

Prototype Chig Fighter under fire [2]

This craft is a more advanced fighter, superior to the SA-43 in seemingly every respect. The only known craft first appeared in the Phyman region causing heavy casualties among the US Air Force. Its pilot, nicknamed Chiggy von Richthofen, was able to wipe out entire SA-43 squadrons (6 craft) leaving little evidence behind. By February 2064 it was almost ready for fullscale production. This ship was destroyed by Colonel McQueen after a previous engagement led to Lt. Winslow being killed. The existence of other prototypes cannot be ruled out.
Chig cvr chasing Vansen

Prototype Chig fighter chasing Vansen's SA-43 [2]

The prototype was roughly 17m long, with 10-15m winspan. It could manouver at far greater Angles of Attack (angle between flight path and heading) than its predecessor. Its speed and manoverability out-classed all other fighters.

This craft carried three energy weapons similar to those fitted to the older fighter. It also mounted homing missiles, not seen on any other Chig Fighter. At least active and possibly passive technology prevented LIDAR detection as well as allowing force signal broadcasting, although UEF forces were working to overcome this. Standard SA-43 missiles proved capable of overcoming this technology. However even when hit the Prototype could survive individual missile hits and carried almost sufficent protection against the SA-43's laser cannon.

The current day equivalent of this craft would be the Sukhoi S-37 Berkut technology demonstrator.[2]




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